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Adobe Reader 9.1 crashes web browser on Win 7

There are several reports that Adobe Reader 9.1 on Win 7 crashes Firefox and IE (Internet Explorer) when you try to open a PDF through the browser.  The browser will download the document but just as it is about to open, an error message is displayed and the browser closes down. As with many other […]

Adobe Reader and Win 7 desktop icons

Some users have reported that when downloading Adobe Reader 9.3, all the desktop icons are changed to PDFs and Win 7 will try to open them as PDFs.  When Adobe Reader is unistalled the icons revert to normal. We have been unable to establish why and under what circumstances this occur, but the best fix […]

Illustrator CS4 on Win 7 64-bits

Are you having problems running  Illustrator CS4 on a Win7 64-bits.  Many users are reporting that when they try to open Illustrator it immediately shuts down after passing the plugin checks and loading the Welcome Box. This can be caused by several things.  Try typing “Event Viewer” in the search box on Win7 Start Menu.  […]

Win 7 and Adobe CS5

Windows 7 support more than 4 Gb of RAM.  However, as far as we have been able to establish Illustrator CS5 does not support this – and thus only 4Gb of RAM will be available.

Win7 and Adobe Reader (browser problems)

We have received many reports of problems with Adobe Reader on Windows 7 when reading PDF documents through the browser.  The most common problem is a blank error message with just an “OK” button when you try to open a PDF document with IE, Chrome or Firefox. Usually repeatedly refreshing the page will eventually lead […]

Adobe products and Win7

Currently, most Adobe products work fine on Windows 7.  Adobe Creative Suite 4 and Adobe Creative Suite 3 are all confirmed by Adobe to work well with Microsoft Windows 7.  Older versions should also work fine, however, even though they were released several years before Windows 7 became available.  On these older versions, though, we […]