Win7 and Adobe Reader (browser problems)

We have received many reports of problems with Adobe Reader on Windows 7 when reading PDF documents through the browser.  The most common problem is a blank error message with just an “OK” button when you try to open a PDF document with IE, Chrome or Firefox.

Usually repeatedly refreshing the page will eventually lead to the PDF being displayed.  The problem seems to be caused by Adobe Reader not having enough time to download the PDF before it attempts to open it under Win 7.

Two fixes has been suggested to us:

In Adobe Reader 9: Click Edit, Preferences, Internet  (from the sidebar) and then uncheck “Allow fast web view”.  This will open PDFs in Adobe Reader in a normal way.  the next time you surf to a PDF, you may be asked  if you want to save or open the file.  Selecting the latter, will open it in your full Adobe Reader.  This has the added benefit of actually allowing you full functionality of Adobe Reader or professional if you have this installed.

Alternatively, some readers suggest setting the reader in compatibility mode to be “as vista” and then run as “admin”.

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