Win 7 and Adobe CS5

Windows 7 support more than 4 Gb of RAM.  However, as far as we have been able to establish Illustrator CS5 does not support this – and thus only 4Gb of RAM will be available.


  1. Posted 08/12/2010 at 23:12 | Permalink

    Thanks! This problem almost drove me mad, until I saw your post and realized it simply isn’t supported…

  2. Martin
    Posted 14/01/2012 at 19:34 | Permalink

    Hi, I have a client with an issue of saving relatively small files say 40mb and CS5 runs out of memory and she has to shut the PC down. Is there a cure for this? I have googled around but it seems to be a major problem and knowone seems to have a fix.

  3. Martin
    Posted 14/01/2012 at 19:35 | Permalink

    Also this is a brand new HP I3 with 4gb RAM 500gb hdd etc. And please don’t tell me to use Ccleaner or anything as I have been in I.T for 20 years.

  4. Admin
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    Martin, what is the operating sys? Win7? And does this relate to all the CS5 programs or one is particular?

    In general Adobe programs may use much more memory than the size of the file. And some programs, like Fireworks, may not be able to access all the available memory because of the way it uses memory within the program. Reducing the number of stored undo steps can often help reducing the memory usage of the program.

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