Adobe Reader 9.1 crashes web browser on Win 7

There are several reports that Adobe Reader 9.1 on Win 7 crashes Firefox and IE (Internet Explorer) when you try to open a PDF through the browser.  The browser will download the document but just as it is about to open, an error message is displayed and the browser closes down.

As with many other Adobe Reader / web browser problems, it seems very difficult to track down the reason for this problem.   The only universal solution seems to be to uncheck the “Display PDF in browser” option in Adobe Reader.  This will mean that any PDF will open outside your browser and in your PDF reader directly.  You may be asked if you want to “save” or “open” the PDF, in which case the latter option will open the PDF directly.

This problem is very similar to the Adobe Reader and web browser problem described here, with the difference that the web browser does not crash.

The steps to disable the web browser plugin in:

  • Open Adobe Reader outside of Internet Explorer
  • Go to Edit then Preferences
  • Under Categories on the left side click on Internet
  • Uncheck Display PDF in browser and click Ok.


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